This page provides a glossary of terminology used in documentation about Test-AutoBuild.

Guardian process responsible for starting and stopping the builder and monitoring and recovering from fatal crashes.
Persistent storage for the results of a build cycle, enabling module rebuilds to be skipped, if the source has not changed since the previous build cycle.
File(s) generated during the build of a module, of interest to developers, but not typically distributed to end users, such as test suite results, source code analysis reports.
build counter
Tag applied to a single build cycle, which can be used to trace from generated packages back to the module's source checked out from source repository.
build cycle
Iteration of the automated build process, from source checkout, through build, test and install, to sending of alerts, package upload and status page generation.
build home
Root of a directory containing all the state for running a single intance of the builder.
build mutex
Lock file or similar mutual exclusion mechanism to prevent to builder instances from running concurrently within the same build home.
build root
Directory into which modules are exported from source repositories for performing a build. Typically located as a directory underneath the build home.
Instance of the Test-AutoBuild software running the stages comprising a build cycle
Arbitrarily defined set of modules used for enhancing presentation of build cycle status pages, and structuring of package download sites.
install root
Virtual root directory into which a module's build process will install generated applications and libraries, allowing later modules to depend on earlier generated files. Typically located as a directory underneath the build home.
A self contained piece of code, typically a software program or library, to be built.
Mechanism for watching progress of the builder through the stages comprising a build cycle, perhaps via a FIFO pipe, or signals through a messaging bus.
Archive of application programs or libraries, generated by the build of a module, to be distributed to end users.
package root
Directory into which generated packages are created by the module's build process. Typically located as a directory underneath the build home.
package type
Specification for the format of the packaging archive files, typically operating system dependant such as RPM, Debian PKG, or simply ZIP files.
Method of copying artifacts to a [web] site for incorporation in the build cycle status pages, including simple file copy, XSL transformation, or text to HTML conversion.
Location containing pristine source code for modules to be built, typically accessed and managed with version control software.
Object providing access to the set of modules, repositories, publishers, monitors, package types configured on a build cycle.
Action or task to be run during a build cycle. Many stages are chained together to form the build engine
Hash of [key, value] pairs used to pass data between stages, typically for substitution into templates used for HTML status pages and email alerts